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Who Uses It?

Restaurant Owners & Managers

• Catch walk-in refrigeration failures. Avoid expensive food loss. (blog article)
• Reduce utility costs from after hours air conditioning (blog article)
• Catch problems before they affect your business(blog article)
• Improve your employees' and customers' comfort
• Get more for your money
• Enhance your green image

Industrial/Oil & Gas

• Remote monitoring is difficult - It's often not possible to monitor industrial equipment with sensors that require ethernet connections.
• You can now economically monitor that "always on" equipment.
• Use as either primary or backup monitoring for critical equipment. Super critical equipment can always use a backup monitor.

• Pipeline compressors

• Industrial air compressors

• Large electric motors

• Any electrical machinery

Server Room and Data Denter Operators

• Many businesses have a server room or closet with dedicated, critical air conditioning.
• Catch serious problems at the source, sometimes days before temperature monitors can.
• Temperature monitors can be hours late in helping you know a problem has occurred, giving you very little time to react before having to shut down machines.
• Since Virtjoule is monitoring at the source, you have the best early warning possible.
• HPAC Engineering article on Virtjoule HPAC Engineering
• PDF reprint of HPAC Engineering article on Virtjoule
• The web's most popular article on high head pressure faults.(The web's most popular article on high head pressure faults)   This article discusses cottonwood seeds plugging the condenser unit at this Ft. Worth data center.

Property Owners

• Unexpected, premature replacement expenses can kill profitability for building owners.

• Avoid run-out/run-down problems (blog article)
• Protect your assets and ensure proper tenant maintenance
• Account for equipment over-use (blog article)
• Select the appropriate HVAC equipment to optimize energy efficiency
• Keep tenants happy and avoid embarrassing and untimely outages
• Enhance your green image

Building Tenants

• Reduce utility costs (blog article)
• Greater insight into whether your energy usage is appropriate
• Catch problems before they affect your business (blog article)
• Reduce over-use charges
• Improve your employees' and customers' comfort
• Get more for your money
• Enhance your green image


• Information Technology - Data centers, data rooms, data closets
• Oil & Gas, Energy Production
• Farm Tech/Ag Tech
• Industrial, Manufacturing
• Energy Consultants
• Building retro-commissioning
• Hospitality - Restaurants, Hotels
• Commercial Real Estate - Exec office bldgs, strip malls, stand alone buildings
• Banking - Remote branches
• Government - Office buildings, data centers, tolling authorities/plazas
• Education - Schools, university buildings, heating/cooling plants

Farm, Ranch, Ag Tech

• Pump monitoring - Know when irrigation wells, powered by electricity or natural gas, stop running.
Irrigation motors can stop during growing season losing valuable time when the crops need it most.

Virtjoule non-operation alerts can alert you by text, phone, or email as soon as a pump quits for any reason.

Natural gas motors

Electric motors

Center pivot sprinklers malfunction or get stuck, shutting down the motor automatically. Irrigation time is lost until the farmer discovers the sprinkler has stopped.

Lightning and power surges can trip electric well motors. Most will not come back on by themselves and even the smallest surge in electricity can cut out a motor.

Critical livestock tanks are often maintained by small pumps and can stop running for a variety of reasons.

Energy Analysts

• Information is everything - There are many companies, large and small, that specialize in energy audits and building re-commissioning. These are intensive studies where good information is invaluable.

• Pre-existing conditions - Any energy audit will start by collecting as much existing information as possible. Virtjoule can quickly, economically, and temporarily gather critical runtime and energy information for an energy audit.

• Pre-existing conditions - Unlike normal usb loggers, Virtjoule's information is nearly real time. Recommissioning studies don't have to wait weeks until the loggers come back to start drawing conclusions.

• Pre-existing conditions - Unlike normal loggers, Virtjoule can be left on for longer periods of time. Equipment can and does operate differently through the seasons. An economizer problem that shows up in spring may not be apparent in the summer. Normal studies can miss critical issues by not monitoring long enough. Because Virtjoule's information is sent out over the cellular network, analysts can watch important behavior throughout the year without returning to the site multiple times.

• No communications link with client or building is necessary -  Virtjoule is a solution partner with Verizon. Each device is its own cellular line and does not depend on the client or building ethernet connection.

• Savings that stick - These days, energy auditors and building re-commissioning specialists are being driven to substantiate the savings claims they make and to show that those savings are captured year after year for HVAC equipment and lighting. The only way that can be done is by monitoring equipment for runtime and electrical loads for usage. Virtjoule provides a very economical way to monitor both small and large equipment without a huge capital budget and project to retrofit monitoring capabilities.


• Multi-location businesses are hard to manage - It's difficult for maintenance staff or service to be everywhere at the same time. Often times complaints don't come until the situation is bad.

• What if you could head off the complaints? - Virtjoule's monitoring system can detect problems before they become complaints.

• Multi-location businesses have to get the most out of each location -  It's important to know each branch location is operating efficiently. Changed thermostats and poor programming can leave many branches operating 24 hrs a day, wasting money and energy, even though they operate reduced hours.

Quick Tour

• Virtjoule can monitor runtime and cycling behavior via either vibration or electricity.

• Decide on electrical current sensing or vibration sensing approach. Call Virtjoule for help, if needed.

• The vibration sensor can pick up most major components of HVAC machines.

• Current sensors (CT's - current transducers) can pick up electrical flow and can be very good at isolating the runtime behavior of a particular component or even the electrical runtime behavior of the whole machine.

• Electrical current transducers can be sized from 5 amps to 600 amps or more.
• Vibration microphones can be mounted on any surface that represents the vibration of the machine.

• The sensor literally sticks or screws onto the machine. It's non-invasive if powered from a 110 outlet.
• Typically just one sensor is needed per machine.
• No electrician or plumber needed. Any handy person can install it.
• Each sensor is its own cellular device and cell line, independent from all other sensors.
• Power from 110 outlet or off of 24 VAC from most units.

• The computer room air conditioner above, in Ft. Worth, TX, was the subject of this HPAC Engineering article

Text alerts

Email alerts

Customizable voice alerts



Standard Monitoring

$29.95 per month per unit

  • 12 month commitment
  • Normally one per unit
  • Includes hardware
  • Includes cellular service
  • Includes monitoring service
  • Customer installs
  • Customer receives alerts
  • Customer has access to web application and alert setup
  • Unlimited email and text alerts
  • Up to 10 callout alerts/month. Higher volume plans available.
  • Volume and 2 yr commit pricing available

Expert to Expert

$7.50 per month per unit

  • Virtjoule takes the alerts
  • Add-on service makes Virtjoule the customer's advocate
  • Virtjoule will contact customer's service provider when a fault or behavior problem occurs
  • Up to five incidents per month (no matter how many calls it takes)
  • Calls documented
  • Calls for service can be cleared with customer first

Professional Installation

$149 per site

  • Easy to install on your own, but we will install it professionally if you want
  • Up to five units
  • Plus travel expenses
  • Call us for pricing on larger installations

Learn More

•  Customer's handyman installs
•  Stick it on and then plug it in or tap the 24 VAC transformer on the unit for power
•  Standard monitoring pricing includes hardware and cellular service. Sensor shipping is additional.
•  Via web app, customer creates entities for company(ies), buildings, and units and assigns a new sensor to each new unit
•  Via web app, customer sets up the kind of alerts they want to receive including timing, days, out-of-hours, non-operation, and over/under cycling alerts
•  Virtjoule Support and help site can give advice to help set up alerts and advise customer on what to look for
•  Customer receives alerts and decides on appropriate response...anything from adjusting thermostat schedules to calling their HVACR service for a repair
•  Virtjoule Support and help site can help customer understand alerts and reports to decide on appropriate response
•  Via the web app, customer can see reports including total run time for the month and total out-of-hours today and for the month.

•  This is an add-on service to standard monitoring
•  Virtjoule turns into the customer's advocate
•  When you don't have the confidence or the time to handle alerts
•  Virtjoule will work with the customer to understand needs and set up alerts
•  Alerts come to Virtjoule support
•  Virtjoule helps makes the determination whether a service call should be made
•  Virtjoule will also notify up to two other individuals, like a store manager or other management, to alert them to the problem and let them know what the plan is for a fix
•  Virtjoule can clear any service call with customer first to avoid service calls the customer is not willing to pay for
•  Customer must provide approval for Virtjoule to act on its behalf
•  Customer must provide contact information, company, names, phone numbers, and email for their service provider
•  Virtjoule will watch sensor results for behavior change that validates the fix occurred and close the loop with the customer
•  Calls are documented
•  Closure is documented
•  Service depends on working Standard Monitoring installation

•  Virtjoule's sensors are easy to install, but the customer might not have ready access to a handyman
•  Customer needs to provide access to the building including ladder, lock keys or combinations, or provide an individual to give access to the equipment
•  In the case of tapping the 24 VAC transformer for sensor power, customer must allow the unit to be shut down for 10-15 minutes.
•  In the case of plug-in power, customer must have a working 110 VAC outlet
•  Travel expenses and per diem charged for travel outside local area
•  Local area is the Colorado Front Range area
•  Virtjoule may outsource installation service to a qualified local service or handyman company depending on availability and location


•  Virtjoule's blog is technical and in-depth. From the articles, you can see how Virtjoule has helped others, how it's done, and what the benefits can be.

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Our blog has an enormous amount of information about how the product works. You can see how Virtjoule has benefited customers and brought fault detection, asset protection, and energy savings to many types of businesses.



"You just paid for yourselves for the next three years! You're cost effective, it works, and I understand it."

- Bert Steele, Owner - Niwot Market
Niwot Market is an independent gourmet grocery based in Niwot, CO

"We have seen great benefit on another project and this has led to lower utility bills and reduced wear and tear on equipment."

Tom Newman, Director of Property Management, Freeman Myre
Full service real estate brokerage and property management, Boulder, CO
Virtjoule is monitoring multiple executive office buildings

"You called that one. Thanks for letting us know about the freezer failure."

- Scott Reid, Plant Manager
First LEED certified bowling alley in the U.S., Brooklyn, NY
Brooklyn Bowl partners with and hosts one of the famous Blue Ribbon restaurants at this site.

"If it isn't running, I know it isn't costing me anything. Virtjoule helps me spot problem units."

Al Zuhars, Owner and CEO, AJ Gators
Virginia and North Carolina region sports bar and restaurant chain - Chesapeake, VA

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